About us

Sogho International is a family owned and operated car recycler and wrecker in Sydney.

We have over 20 years experience in the auto industry and pride ourselves on delivering a professional service to all our customers. Our dedication to environmental best practice is what sets us apart from the traditional ‘Car Wreckers’.

We are honest, reliable and we care about the environment when recycling hazardous waste that come from vehicles.

Why Recycle?

Car bodies are made up from a range of useful components that can be stripped and reused or recycled as scrap metal. Second hand car-parts can offer as much as 50% savings on comparable new auto parts creating value for our community and the seller also benefits as most auto-parts recyclers will pay market price for your unwanted or damaged car bodies and or parts. The market for second hands goods also reduces the demand for the manufacturing or new parts from virgin materials. Reusing or recycling car parts also prevents unwanted car bodies from becoming obsolete, resulting in valuable resources going to waste.