Q : Do you sell spare parts?

A : No, we purchase cars for a recycling purpose only and do not sell spare parts. We are not car wreckers.

Q : What type of car is a car worthy for scrap?

A : A scrap car, also known as an abandoned or old wrecked car is a car that will cost you too much to repair then it’s actual value.

Q : What are your quotes based on?

A : Quotations vary according to the scrap metal market, therefore we offer quotations based on the current value of scrap metal.

Q : What will happen to my car?

A : Once we have purchased your car we will process it through our baler machine that turns your car into a cube which is then sent off for metal recycling.

Q : Where do you service?

A : At this stage, Sydney Metro areas only.

Q : What do I do with the number plates?

A : You need to make sure that you remove your number plates from their vehicles and return them back to the RMS (NSW ROADS AND TRANSPORT AUTHORITIES) before their car is removed.

Q : What documentation do you need?

A : Any proof of ownership.

Q : Do I have to pay anything?

A : No, we offer you a price of the value of the car, we offer a free service to collect the car and we give you the agreed price of the value of the car in cash at pick-up point.

Q : Who picks up the cars?

A : We use our own truck drivers to pick up the cars. These trucks have our company name and logo on them so they are easily identified.

Q : How long will it take to remove my car?

A : It can take anywhere from within an hour to 3 days, we are quite flexible and can fit in with you to arrange a convenient date and time. Early mornings, after hours and weekend collections can also be arranged.

Q : Do I have to be there when my car is collected?

A : Someone must be there when the car is collected, whether it is the car owner or a family member, this will assist us with any issues that may arise on the day. If the car owner cannot be present, please advise us when arranging the pick up time.

Q : What about if I have a full tank of petrol, CD player, allow wheels or other accessories, will it increase the value?

A : It is important to advise us at the beginning because it may or may not increase the value. Also, if you intend on keeping any of these items please let us know and remove them before your car is being collected or before dropping it off to us.